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the best way to Market your venue & event

Hey there, if you have a venue or event based business, this will be your go-to guide to get more customers through your doors!


What You’ll Learn

Think your weekly happy hour or that special Sunday roast is just another day at the office? Think again! Every activity you host can be an event with the right twist. This isn't just about slapping a label on it; it's about fully embracing the event mindset to maximize attendance and create unforgettable experiences.

Why Listen to Me?

I'm not only a veteran graphic designer at ReWorded working with a myriad of clients but also the proud owner of Sacred Unveiling, a women's holistic event company with the largest number of followers on eventbrite, achieving a wopping 2350% more followers than anyone in my field Australia wide.

Best venue event marketing strategy

This has all been accomplished by organic growth, thriving without a traditional advertising spend. I've mastered the art of event hype and crowd-pulling strategies, making me your go-to for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Who This Helps

Whether you're a:

  • Restaurant with ambiance to showcase,

  • Venue with dates to fill,

  • Solo event planner with a vision,

Or any business that thrives on people’s attendance, this guide is tailored for you.

What Questions This Answers

We're hitting all the key questions:

  • How do I boost foot traffic effortlessly?

  • How can I get people buzzing about my business?

  • What are effective ways to shout about my offers?

  • How can I ensure customers not only return but become regulars?

Best venue event marketing strategy
Why You Need an Event Platform

Imagine it's Friday night; you've clocked out and have no plans. You’re not alone—this is where many potential customers are every week. Where do they go? They could sift through social media, but more likely, they’ll jump onto Eventbrite because it’s simple to filter by what, when, and where. This platform puts your event front and center for those ready to decide and book, making it a powerful tool to capture the ready-to-engage crowd.

Why eventbrite?

Choosing Eventbrite over other platforms isn't just a random preference. Eventbrite is a global leader in event management and ticketing, known for its vast user base and ease of use. It's the first platform many people think of when looking for events, which means it can significantly increase your event’s visibility. Moreover, Eventbrite’s robust filtering tools allow potential attendees to find your events based on their interests and schedules easily. This widespread recognition and functionality make it an essential part of any event promotion strategy, especially if you aim to attract attendees from out of town or even from other countries.

Why It’s Better Than Social Media

Event platforms bridge the gap between interest and action. Unlike social media, where users may stumble upon your event while aimlessly scrolling, platforms like Eventbrite cater to a crowd with intent to engage. It's proactive versus reactive—people come with the purpose to book, drastically increasing the likelihood of turning views into attendance.

The Holy Trinity

Using Eventbrite doesn’t mean ditching Instagram or Facebook; it's about creating a cohesive strategy. Social media boosts your brand’s presence and vibe, while Eventbrite captures immediate booking intent. Together, they ensure your event is visible, appealing, and credible, forming a trinity of marketing muscle that covers all bases from discovery to decision.

What to Include in Your Listing

Crafting an enticing Eventbrite listing involves more than basic details. Seperate each section into titled sections. It should include:

  • Banner Make sure this is a high quality well made design because it's the first thing they'll see which will seperate you from your competition

    • Eventbrite banner size 2160 x 1080px - Keep all text to the centre and in a square so that it's ledgible on mobile view too.

    • Low Opacity Aesthetic Image as the background (optional)

    • Give your text a colour that contasts with the background for easy readability

    • Event Name

    • Company Logo

EXAMPLES (Trivia Nights in Melbourne Listing Images)

Best venue event marketing strategy
Bad Listing Image - This image although relevant, has no description regarding the event itself and you don't get a clear idea of what the event is about.
Best venue event marketing strategy
Okay Listing Image - This Image gives a clear idea of what the event is and prioritises that.
Best venue event marketing strategy
Perfect Listing Image - This image effectively captures the essence of the event while smartly incorporating the venue's branding. This approach not only showcases the event's details but also cleverly connects it back to the brand itself, which is beneficial for acquainting clients with your establishment.

  • Details Listing these in the description itself is easier for your customer to see all in one go.

    • Time

    • Date

    • Location

  • Business Links

    • Include one sentence about your business along with a call to action to follow you on socials.

    • Write something like "FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM", highlight the text and link it to your instagram page

  • What it is

    • Explain what type of event it is and summarise the information in one paragraph.

  • Image that’s vibe relavent

    • Place an image to seperate out the text blocks and make it look less text heavy

    • Go to Pexels and select an image that matches your event vibe, for example say its a trivia night, you may look for keywords like "laughing, game night, friends, friends at restaurant" and so on.

  • What to expect

    • What does your runsheet look like?

    • Explain if they should get in early to grab a drink before getting started

  • Who it’s for

    • If your event is for a specific demographic, this is a great place to state it.

    • If your event is intended for all to enjoy, explain that and remember to show your venue's vibrant personality and have fun with it!

    • Here's an example for a trivia night:

      • Know-it-alls

      • Supportive friends of know-it-alls

      • People who think they know it all

      • People who know nothing but like to laugh with a drink in their hand

  • Dress code

    • Apply the same method as above, even if you don't have a dress code, it can be nice to say something like:

      • Wear what makes you feel most authentically you, we encourage you to colour the world in your own style.

  • What to bring

    • This may not apply to what you're doing but simply explaining that they should bring themselves is a great little comment.

  • Host/Facilitator description

    • Introduce who will run the night! this could be your main go to person or if you don't have one, you can simply explain that all the staff at your venue would be more than happy to answer any questions and so on. It puts people at ease to know there's help if need-be.

  • Photo or Video of the space

    • Use a nice shot of your space to not only show them what to expect but also to make it identifiable, I can't tell you how many times I've walked up to the door or a place and thought... wait is this the right place?

  • Location

    • This is where you'd pop in your location and any other instructions on how to get there i.e. Tram stop, etc

    • Insert screenshot of google maps and include a link to your google business listinings page.

  • Call to action

    • Now that they've go all the information, remind them that spaces are limited and to

    • Purchase a ticket (if the event is paid)

    • Resister their attendance (if the event is free)

Backend Listing Tips

Optimise your event listing’s backend by:

  • Requiring attendees to provide a contact number, ensuring you can follow up post-event.

  • Absorbing booking fees into the ticket price to avoid last-minute deterrents at checkout—people hate surprise fees!

  • Keywords!!! think of these as searchable terms to attract people to your event. Think of what a customer may need to search to find you, for example:

    • kids activities

    • family friendly

    • dog friendly

    • things to do

    • women's event

    • trivia night

Get in Touch! to talk about your venue and event marketing
During and Post Event strategies

Maximize engagement by making on-the-spot offers to walk-ins and capturing content for social media. After the event, smart email marketing keeps the conversation going. Send timely, relevant updates that make your subscribers eager to attend your next event.

Ready to transform your everyday business into a go-to highlight for locals and town visitors alike? If you’re excited but need a little guidance, I’m just a click away. Whether it’s crafting captivating graphics or writing click-worthy copy, let’s elevate your events together. CLICK HERE to connect, and let's make your business the place everyone wants to be. Dive into these strategies, apply them, and watch as your venue becomes the scene to be seen!




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